City of Splendors

Episode XIII Recap

Spirit Bound

Battered and bruised, the four adventurers had little time to rest. Knowing their wounded Minotaur foe had fled to alert his tribe, the party had mere minutes to gather themselves and chase after him. While attempting to gain the upper hand with stealthy surveillance, Laire was ambushed and presented before the bloodthirsty Minotaur chief. With no time to waste, his companions sprung into action and eradicated the bovine threat.

En route to the Drow compound, the party gained some valuable information regarding the trade network between the Minotaur miners and the dark elves. But before they could press on, they were kidnapped by a crafty spirit — the ghost of the fallen Paladin, Fidelio. This mysterious spectre presented them with a false dilemma: complete for him a trio of tasks to retrieve rare artefacts, or be forced to fight tougher and tougher opponents until they are dead.

The first task had the party acquire a powerful, enchanted sword from a Helmed Horror. The party found there was more to this simple task than met the eye, however; this Horror had been assigned a guardian role over a powerful Water Elemental, and with the adventurers’ interference, the beast was unleashed. Determined to vanquish the monster, the party engaged in a vicious battle, slaying the aqueous aggressor and retrieving the Waterlock Sword for Fidelio.

He transported them back from whence they came, allowing them to finally enter the Drow compound and search for Brother Barjin and Malvo’s missing expedition party. Sneaking about the ancient stone hallways, the party defeated countless guards, interrogating one for the whereabouts of the captives. Finally, they located a prisoner manifest and set forth to rescue the party from their captors. But no sooner than they left the guard station, they were once again ambushed by Fidelio, who teleported them to another section of Undermountain for the second part of his puzzling agenda…



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