City of Splendors

Episode XII Recap


On the trail of their latest case, the party of hardened explorers arrived at the Adventurer’s Camp in the Dungeon Level of Undermountain. Seeking advice from their contact Malvar, they were propositioned with one of his characterstic deals. Access to the Maze Level would be easy enough to grant, but the group would need to dispatch the spectral guardians forming a protective field around its portal. In the ensuing battle, the adventurers took their skills for granted, proving nearly fatal for Vyruek as the savage spirits pummelled him.
Limping back to the camp, Malvar and his associates graciously helped the party nurse their wounds, and granted them the key needed to activate the portal. From here, they soldiered onward, through the gate and into an even deeper level of the great Undermountain complex.

In a flash of light, the party found themselves on the shore of an underground stream — but they were not alone. A pair of minotaur fisherman soon spotted them, but they were not interested in talk. Despite Aystra’s attempts at diplomacy, the fearsome creatures charged, making it clear that the group would be in for another hard fight. Catching Laire off his guard, one minotaur planted his massive hoof on the elf’s back, nearly drowning him in the raging black river before being defeated at the hands of Laire’s companions.

The party then wandered into a system of caves, becoming overwhelmed by its twists and turns. Blaming her poor sense of direction, Aystra would lead the group through several turns and loops before stumbling upon a pair of minotaur miners. While they worked their pickaxes into the stone, one tended a nearby herd of strange, subterranean cattle known as Rothé. Unfortunately, these docile beasts are easily frightened, and added the unexpected threat of trampling to an already chaotic battle as is broke out. In the ensuing fight, one minotaur was killed, but the other managed to escape with severe wounds, disappearing into the darkness of the cave system, surely determined to alert his brethren…



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