City of Splendors

Episode X Recap

Sins of Our Forefathers Pt. 2

Deep within the bowels of Undermountain, the party’s great quest for the secrets of Ancient Melairkyn dwarves reached its climax. After gaining entry into the final chamber of Belkram’s Tomb, the group pressed onward toward their goal. Before reaching the chamber itself, however, they were confronted by a timid dragonling named Preelix, a portal drake who had taken up temporary residence in the tomb’s antechamber. Though he was nervous about the intruders’ intentions, once he realized they meant no harm, he dispensed some useful information about the tomb and took his leave through a small portal tucked away in one of the room’s alcoves.

At last, the party entered the chamber of Belkram’s final resting place to find the cursed dwarf and his celestial canine companion already waiting for them. Belkram was not interested in negotiating; with his mind warped by a wicked curse and centuries of solitude, he immediately engaged the party in brutal combat. In the most difficult fight the group had encountered, they eventually defeated the legendary dwarf and freed him of his curse. Only when Gyudd removed the Adamatite Crown that rightfully belonged to him did Belkram finally gain liberty from those ancient shackles. The dwarf’s ghostly essence revealed the true tale of his fate, offered his repentance to Gyudd Melair, and vanished into the ether.

Rest did not come easily to the party, though. Once they returned to Gyudd’s house in Skullport, they spent an evening relaxing and regaling each other with tales of their conquests. But when everyone had retired for the night, a sudden crash awoke Aystra and Havard, and three Drow invaders forced their way into the dwelling. This trio had no intentions to fight — while two attempted to hold off our heroes, the third immediately went for the Melairkyn Crown, now perched above Gyudd’s mantle. Although the intruders were dispatched, and one captured, the fight did not come without casualties. Bursting into Gyudd’s room, Aystra found their dwarven friend motionless in his bed, his window smashed, and a dagger thrust through his chest…



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