City of Splendors

Episode IX Recap

Sins of Our Forefathers

At last, the party arrived at their destination, the great dwarven temple above Belkram’s Tomb. With eight mysterious gemstones in hand, matching eight massive stone pillars within the hallowed hall, the adventurers soon realized that their wits would be just as important as their weapons in this ancient temple. Using these gemstones as keys, they were granted entry into the tomb beneath.

Descending into the tomb’s antechamber, they were greeted by an animate statute, carved in the likeness of King Melair I, the first of the Melairkyn dynasty. The ancient spirit immediately recognized Gyudd as the true heir to the Melairkyn crown, and offered safe passage to to dwarf and his companions into the tomb beyond, though cautioned them of the dangers ahead. It did not take long for the group to discover these dangers firsthand, as Vyurek and Laire fell headfirst into a menacing pit-and-pendulum trap.

Once inside the tomb, the party faced three paths, one blocked by a heavy, magical door with three keyholes. Realizing that passage through this doorway would be impossible without exploring the rest of the tomb, they opted for the ornately carved double stone doors. The room beyond housed the sarcophagi and bones of the four Melairkyn kings, along with a map of the dungeon itself. King Melair I’s tomb in particular presented its own surprise in the form of a secret passageway. Beyond a small tunnel, the group encountered an innocuous doorway in a pit, guarded by a stealthy gelatinous cube. Dispatching of the creature, Aystra and Gyudd pressed onward to find another coffin, much plainer than the dwarven kings’. Within the case was the first key, though procuring the item was not without its costs — the clumsy Cleric fell victim to its poison slime trap, losing her leg guards in the process.

Exploring the second wing of the tomb brought just as many hazards. Beyond a room guarded by another menacing statue, the party entered a purification chamber, part of the dwarven burial rituals, and were attacked by a hideous green beast. Onward, they found a room guarded by a pair of vile gargoyles who sprang to life the instant Laire attempted to snatch the key from around one’s neck. After an action-packed fight, the group found themselves with two keys and one locked door ahead. With much rumination and argument, they finally realized that the final key had been in their possession all along — the gem used to bring them into the tomb in the first place. Combining the keys with the devices procured within the tomb, they turned the keyholes, providing passage to the final wing of Belkram’s Tomb…



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