City of Splendors

Episode Recap: Season III, Episode IV

Deeper Into the Woods

The perils of the Ardeep Woods had taken their toll on the party. After stumbling into a confrontation with a group of Drow monks and a carnivorous tree, respite would not come easy. As they made their way through the perilous forest, the line between flora and fauna blurred, and they were once against attacked by a Hangman Tree and its symbiotic Assassin Vines.

The deciduous dastard clouded the minds of the party, releasing spores that hypnotized all but Aystra into seeing it as nothing more than a harmless sprout. Its woodland charms lured the party in while the valiant Cleric did her best to break the spell. Eventually, the adventurers shook off their photosynthetic funk long enough to ignite their foe, immolating the surrounding swamp’s methane gasses, making charcoal of their wooden foe.

Finally approaching their destination, the four adventurers took a moment’s rest in an ancient shrine to Ehlonna, the goddess watching over these woods. It would prove to be a much needed blessing for the challenges that laid ahead in the House of Long Silences.
The presence of their enemies was immediately apparent as they approached. The temple’s ancient doors had been smashed in, their voices echoing clearly from within. Havard would scout ahead in an attempt to gain insight into the Drow plans, only to discover that Erelune Dyrr and her accomplices had little idea how to use the spoils they had looted. Chalice in hand, the Drow commander made her way to the center of the chamber and placed the relic upon a random pedestal, opening a portal to another realm.

She would immediately discover the error in her ways, though, as a hideous creature phased into existence before them. The massive arachnid set to attacking anything in its range, confused and enraged by its unexpected teleportation. As the adventurers and Drow soldiers alike tried to fend off the beast, Erelune narrowly escaped with her life, abandoning the chalice in favour of her own survival.

Seconds ticked away as the party were left to defeat the beast, who was suddenly sucked back into the portal from whence it came after Zerg valiantly retrieved the chalice. Their victory would be short-lived, however, as smoke began to pour into the temple, the surrounding woods set aflame by the retreating Drow soldiers. While the party had the item they set out to retrieve, the Ardeep Woods now beckoned once more, their ancient timbers fighting against the immediate threat of wildfire…



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