City of Splendors

Episode Recap: Season II, Episode XII

Daggerford's Last Stand

W arhorns blared as the commanding army of Ulmuron gro-Khazlam marched into the heart of Daggerford. The orc warchief stood tall before the town’s defenders and declared his intentions. Those who surrendered would be spared, allowed to live under the rule of the Black Circle, or to flee with what they could carry. Those who opposed the orc army would be cut down.

The adventurers met gro-Khazlam face to face in Daggerford’s Cathedral square to hear his terms. To their surprise, he was not the savage, sadistic psychopath the tales had told of him, but he was no less terrifying in his stoicism. While the party traded barbs with the warchief, attempting to poke holes in his philosophy and illustrate the underlying fallacies in his motivations for war, the stubborn commander stayed resolute in his goals. Yet his second-in-command, Faltra Deadrage, high chief of the Eye of Jukha, showed little patience for parlay — she wanted the blood of as many men as she could spill. Growing tired of the talk, Deadrage gave the order to launch the attack, unleashing a barrage of catapult fire upon the Cathedral, where the wounded were being housed.

Together with their allies, the party pushed back against the invaders, sending Daggerford’s elite Wolves to engage with the siege engines while they confronted the commanders themselves. gro-Khazlam proved a mighty foe who did not shy from the heat of battle, while Deadrage cast complex and deadly spells from afar. The orc warchief fought with fury, wielding an exotic greatspear that seemed to suck the very light and life from anything — or anyone — it struck. As quickly as he cut down one of the Ehlonnan druids, he then waved the fearsome weapon over her body, weaving wicked magics in the fabric of existence to resurrect the druid as his dark servant.

Empowered by this horrific atrocity, their ally Carsys Dawntracker mustered every last ounce of strength to summon a mighty pillar of ice and snow to shatter the resolve of the orc attackers, turning the tables for the party and helping them vanquish their foes. Before the Black Circle commanders could unleash any more of their rage upon Daggerford, the adventurers cut them down where they stood. With their leaders fallen, the orc army soon broke ranks and fled, leaving the town of Daggerford gravely wounded, but standing united once more.

The town’s defense council offered their unending thanks to the group, while Lady Selyse Adarbrent invited them to a great celebratory feast at her private manor. The following night, while finally taking some badly needed rest, a mysterious figure materialized in Vyurek’s chambers. The cloaked being paralyzed the Illumian with powerful magic and attempted to steal the greatspear that the party had acquired, but was soon thwarted when Aystra, Havard, and Adarbrent’s guard burst into the room. The interloper vowed to return, and vanished in a flash of darkness, leaving the adventurers to question just how many enemies they had made…



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