City of Splendors

Episode Recap: Season II, Episode XI

The Battle of Daggerford

T he relentless onslaught of Daggerford continued. Moments after catching their breath from their previous encounter, the party was assaulted by Tulva, self-declared Lord of the River Dragons. The serpentine beast unleashed a scalding mist upon the town’s defense forces before engaging the group head-on. Fighting into the river and taking on the creature both above and below the surface of the water, they stopped the aquatic fiend in its tracks.

But in his distraction, the attacking force of the Black Circle armies managed to push past the bridge toward town and begin their assault on its front gates. The party slipped back inside the safety of Daggerford’s walls via its docks, and rendezvoused in the Market Square to hold off the waves of troops. With the help of Captain Bretti Overlock and her guards, the adventurers took on wave after wave of increasingly horrific beast. The presence of Flesh Golems and Yaoguai among the orcish ranks suggested that the troops were being supported by powerful external forces, but the party remained focused only on stopping them in their tracks.

After successfully holding off the market attack and preventing even a single attacker from breaking through, the adventurers regrouped in Daggerford’s Cathedral Square to stage the final stand against their aggressors. Suddenly, a sharp crack broke out and Duke Pwyll Greatshout fell to the ground. A second shot rang out, killing a guardsman, followed by a third that disabled Captain Overlock. The party searched frantically for the source of the shots and zeroed in on a coffinmaker’s shop overlooking the square. Breaking inside, they confronted a skilled assassin who employed every maneuver to attempt to slither through their fingers. But their combined efforts were too much for the sniper, and she was quickly overcome after being cornered in the shop’s stairwell.

Returning to the Square, now marked by an eerie silence, the four vagabonds tried to ensure the safety of everyone around. Greatshout had been disabled by the sniper’s poison bolt, leading to a crisis of leadership between Lady Selyse Adarbrent and High Priestess Niramour Farseer in the Cathedral’s ad hoc infirmary. With little patience for petty squabbles, Aystra spoke up and silenced their dissent, ensuring everyone would be on the same page for the battle ahead. Meanwhile, Havard stood over his wounded old superior as Overlock placed him in command of Daggerford’s guard. Edgar, however, found himself overcome with the wounds suffered at the hands of his foes, and collapsed under the crippling bite of the sniper’s poison. Clerics ordered him to a cot, leaving the remaining three adventurers to lead the charge.

With few precious moments to collect themselves, war horns sounded in the distance, as a messenger confirmed what they had all expected: Ulmuron gro-Khazlam had arrived, leading the final charge against the walls of Daggerford …



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