City of Splendors

Episode Recap: Season II, Episode IX

The Road to War

S ummoned to Waterdeep’s war room, General Obryn Ironfist briefed the adventurers on imminent threat to Daggerford. An army of orcs, two-thousand strong, had begun their march on the town. Ironfist believed that they would lay siege to the centre, attempting to starve the populace out before launching a full assault, but Waterdeep had no time to waste — they had to act now.

Scouts reported that several orc skirmishers and blockades had been spotted north of Daggerford, aiming to cut off supply lines from Waterdeep. The party was presented with two options: they could attempt to disrupt these blockades themselves, delivering a blow to the army’s organization, or approach Daggerford from the sea, cutting days off their journey. Ultimately, the group decided that saving lives in Daggerford was the more immediate concern, and agreed to meet at the harbor.

Before setting out, Aystra spoke with Quilynn at the Monastery of the Sun, appealing to her for whatever aid the temple of Ehlonna could provide. Uncertain of what resources the Grand Cleric Rolan could commit, she at least promised to petition her masters for any assistance. Meanwhile, Vyurek sent a discreet message to his Everkeeper Cabal, hoping their Shadow Sentinels could engage and disrupt the blockades on the Ardeep Plains: “Orc army attacking Daggorford. Going to assist. Need help defending Floshin Estates, however. Vital for supplies for war effort. Possibly run interference or assist covertly?”
In the dead of night, the party set sail onboard the warship, Procan’s Trident, accompanied by a force of 160 men. Along the way, the calm waters were disrupted by an attack from a giant octopus, who mortally wounded one of the soldiers and shook the morale of many onboard. The party was able to fend the beast off, and save the fallen soldier from certain death.

Arriving at the mouth of the River Delimbyir, they embarked into the Lizard Marshes onboard a small keelboat, wary of any enemy activity in the swamps. Hidden by the cover of darkness, they spotted a small camp, mysteriously occupied by a lone orc. Havard attempted to investigate, but his stealthy infiltration was betrayed by a faulty crossbow shot. Immediately, the orc sprung into action, accompanied by a trio of juvenile river dragons, fiercely defending their territory. The enemies soon demonstrated that they were no force to be trifled with, testing the mettle of the adventurers and nearly vanquishing them. After a drawn-out fight with plenty of cuts and bruises to show for it, the party defeated their foes. Alone in the bog, they calculated their next move, curious to learn why this powerful sorcerer had made his way so far into the marsh by himself…



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