City of Splendors

Episode Recap: Season II, Episode VII

Eye of the Storm Pt. 2

T he party rode off into the wilderness, leaving the orc fortress in their wake. As they set out on horseback, dark clouds gathered in the distance. In a matter of minutes, a violent storm picked up, forcing the adventurers towards the shelter of the nearby woods.

Returning to their makeshift camp, they found the Emissary’s cartographer, Sami Farzi, hiding from the storm under a nearby cliffside. They recounted to him all that had transpired during their encounter in the fort, from finding the imprisoned diplomats to Emissary Burakazi’s troubling actions in the observation tower. Farzi expressed disbelief that his realm’s representative would exhibit such treacherous actions, but insisted that locating the diplomats was more pressing. The group searched the area in vain, eventually yielding to the violent storm and pitching camp for the night.

While on first watch, Aystra was confronted by a black wolf who attacked her unprovoked. The vicious beast moved like a spectre through the shadows, engulfed in a curious fog. Upon hearing the commotion, Havard joined the melee to repel the beast. It showed no fear towards their blades, until another silver-coated wolf sprung from the brush to fight it off, before disappearing into the shadows itself.

Later that night, a rat crept its way into the party’s supplies, and stole Edgar’s cheese.
At the break of dawn, the party set off in the direction of Waterdeep, recognizing the need to alert the Lords to the impending orcish menace on the horizon. Upon their return, only Lady Lairal Silverhand was available to receive them, and she was less than thrilled to make their acquaintance. Despite the party’s insistence, she was adamant that the threat was not nearly as dire as they had painted it, accusing them of embellishing their claims to serve their own benefits.

Determined not to face a dead end, the adventurers instead met with City Watch commander Helm Madryn to plead their case. They found him much more receptive to their plan to cast a scrying spell on those they had encountered in the orc fortress in an attempt to gain some deeper insight into the Emissary’s actions, and the movements of the orcish armies. Madryn promised to arrange a meeting with Piergeron as soon as he could.

After days of hard travel and fighting, the party decided that rest was finally in order. They returned to the Temple of the Sun, greeted by an anxious Quilynn Dryadson. She had spent much of the time since they last met researching the Crown Adamant and the region’s Drow. Her findings revealed the Drow believe the crown to be some sort of ancient artifact. Whether it granted its owner unimaginable power or brought about unknowable destruction is unclear, but Quilynn suggested that it be kept safely under the watch of the Temple’s clerics, secure from those who would attempt to use it for nefarious gains…



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