City of Splendors

Episode Recap: Season II, Episode VI

Eye of the Storm

L eft in the wake of the treacherous Emissary, the party calculated their next move. With little evidence of her motives or direction, they took the most immediate course of action by searching her living quarters in hopes of finding any clue that would point to her whereabouts. While Aystra gathered personal effects to attempt to track her through Divination, Havard uncovered a strange arcane tome, bound in flesh and locked tight.
Continuing their search, they entered the handmaidens’ room to find both of them dead — one stabbed, and one apparently poisoned, with no clues as to what had transpired. Further down the hall, the group stumbled upon a laboratory. The air was thick with the odour of embalming fluids, and various experiments, both arcane and medical, were spread across the room’s work benches. Unable to find any further clues, the party began to hatch their escape plans.

They realized their quickest way out of the fortress would be on the backs of the horses in the courtyard, though they were guarded by a pair of abominable bone golems. Recognizing that attacking these beasts recklessly would likely draw the attention of any remaining guards in the compound, they returned to the guard barracks and started a fire to create a diversion. Fighting off a stray patrol on the way, they rushed to the stables to confront the mindless beasts. In the midst of the battle, Havard appeared to unleash foul magics of his own, seemingly conjuring a skeletal minion from out of nothing. But his companions would have no time for questions, as they knew time was now of the essence …



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