Zerg Candor

Half-Orc warrior


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Zerg Candor has been fighting for a long time. As a child, to survive; as an older axe-for-hire, to thrive. At every age, for respect: being half-orc means being less than nothing in the eyes of many, and Zerg is caught up at the crossroads of his varied ancestry. Too orc for humans, too human for orcs. But go ahead, play him the world’s smallest violin: he’ll break those fingers before you’re done tuning. He likes the contradiction of his birth.

A tall bulking figure of almost seven feet tall, his body is latticed with reminders of a violent life: scars surrounded by an air of go-ahead-I-dare-you. He has no memory of his family, and not every job he’s taken is violent—farms need strong arms come harvest time. There’s a moral code at play, however loose. If anything, he’s out to prove that brawn doesn’t mean brainless.

Zerg Candor

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